Hawaii Five-0 “So Far, So Good”

The first thing I was very thankful for while watching the premiere of the new Hawaii Five-O remake was that I didn’t hear some techno or hip hop version of the theme song.  The theme song was played very close to the original which was a welcome surprise.

Also, there were no overt liberal talking points inserted into the show. (yet) But still, they can’t bring themselves to mention anything about Muslim terrorists.  So the big villain in this was an Irish terrorist who sold arms to terrorist cells.  Only in Hollywood films and TV are there NO Muslim terrorists.

The action was pretty good.  The plot was decent.  The characters played their parts pretty well.  Just a few minor complaints from me.  The actor portraying McGarrett (O’Laughlin) seems to be channeling Nicolas Cage’s speech patterns.  Close my eyes and I’d be hard pressed to tell the difference. But that’s only a minor distraction.

Another negative is that Grace Park needs to lay off the Jenny Craig.  She’s fallen victim to the Hollywood “I’ve got to be as skinny as possible and yet still be alive” mentality.  She’s supposed to be the “sexy” one so they portray her in a bikini and then in underwear, but both times it comes across looking kind of creepy to me because she’s so think she looks like she hasn’t hit puberty yet!

But those are small complaints.  I liked the show.  (so far)  I’ll keep giving it a chance as long as they don’t use the bait and switch strategy to get you hooked then start preaching from the left with their characters and story lines.  The first time they mention positively Hawaii’s current favorite “son” or make reference to him, It’ll be hard for me to continue watching.


2 Responses to “Hawaii Five-0 “So Far, So Good””

  1. You know what interests me? Hollywood won’t touch a jihadist because it might generate hate and discrimination against muslims. Fine.

    So what do we make of the fact that they routinely attack Christians and present them as terrorists, murderers, hypocrites and bigots?

  2. Exactly. Hollywood will scream to “stop the hate” by calling those who disagree with them every name in the book, make profane jokes about them, and portray all of the perceived enemies of their “causes” as the lowest of the low in film and tv. It’s been a tactic for many many years.
    I still can’t believe there was a show a while back which portrayed a “christian” honor killing because someone left the faith. Incredible.

    But they know that there is a vast number of en-educated people out there with only broadcast news and prime time network television who vote. And if Hollywood continually pushes their agenda as “truth” to those un-educated masses, they will adopt those beliefs as their own and vote accordingly. The last election was proof of that.

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