Tom Selleck “Blue Bloods” (refreshing so far…)

Whenever I see a good show, I always have to temper that with the phrase “ far..”  So while I was VERY impressed with the premiere of CBS’s “Blue Bloods”, I’ve been burned by the liberal Hollywood pool of writers so often, I seem to always says it’s “great….so far…”

A family (last name Reagan, gotta love that) made up of police and lawyers doing their best to uphold law and more importantly, make the bad guys pay without regard to their own “careers”.

It’s not often we see a show like this.  Usually what happens is the writers will put the “best” arguments in the mouths of the characters spouting the liberal party line, and the ones expressing the conservative view will get the lines which are the “failed” arguments or the weakest arguments in order to “guide” the audience into siding with the liberal viewpoint.  This show so far (there’s that phrase again!) shows respect to both sides of the coin.  Each side here makes valid and well thought out arguments, leaving it for the audience to decide which is the better argument.

The only downside I see is there is a sub plot in which the police department is being investigated secretly because of a “rogue” element called the “Blue Templar”.  Supposedly, this element is a group of vigilantes and one of the main characters is shown in the beginning to have in his possession the ring signifying his membership in this shadow organization.  Now this character is the Iraq war vet, openly conservative character.  So this could be a sucker punch waiting to happen as they pull a “bait and switch” on the conservatives later in the season in order to show this character as a criminal thereby nullifying the validity of his conservative views.  I’ll just have to wait and see.  But so far, so good.


5 Responses to “Tom Selleck “Blue Bloods” (refreshing so far…)”

  1. Silentmoviefan Says:

    Due to my work schedule, I haven’t had a chance to watch it. (And I don’t record programs as I never get time to play them back). I had hoped the series would be decent enough due to the presence of Tom Selleck, but then I remembered that a Wahlberg is in it too, so I’ve been holding my breath and reading the reviews on such sites as Big Hollywood. When I heard about the “Templars” I thought they meant “Knight Templars” and I was imagining some DaVinci Code subplot! Hearing that one member is a conservative Iraq War vet doesn’t bode well. Next you’ll find out he’s a TEA Party member, his bookshelves featuring the works of David Limbaugh, Michelle Malkin and Mark Levin! His ring likely decodes secret messages from either Rush or Glenn Beck. So waiting for that other shoe to drop guys!

  2. That’s why I keep saying “so far so good.” I’m trying to just enjoy it for now, but I’m like you, when is the liberal slap in the face going to come?

  3. Good review. I was impressed by the first two episodes, for the good writing and acting. I personally don’t think the Iraq vet was presented as a conservative (yet…). He’s a cop who takes things over the line, and other cops steer clear of him on account of that, and his family rightly chastises him for it too. That’s essentially how the show presents him, as I saw it. We know he’s a vet because of one line in one episode. The line doesn’t mean anything to me since I don’t consider all vets to be conservative (although I have no idea what the writers think).

    The templars subplot could go in any direction, and I’m with you in hoping that they don’t game it up for political reasons. One of the investigators in the show mentioned that the group did a lot of good, but that some members have since turned. I think that gives the writers plenty of leeway to make things work out for the best. Besides, the good cop deceased brother was also a member, and he’s been consistently presented as a clean cop. I’ll assume he was a conservative. 🙂

    But I’ll have to wait and see. I hope they keep the series going along the same lines as the first two episodes.

  4. 3 episodes in and I’m still liking it. But I don’t think I’m going to like this “templar” mess. It’s such a “hollywood” concoction, they should just stick to the realism.

  5. Am reading Prime Time Propaganda by Ben Shapiro. With that in mind am waiting for the other shoe to drop on this terrific program
    ( at least so far ). Would hope the writers stay the course.

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