“Blue Bloods” The Litmus Test is October 22nd, Will It Go P.C.?

I’ve enjoyed “Blue Bloods” so far.  There have been a few things here and there that I didn’t much care for, but overall it’s shown respect to both sides of the issues without coming down hard against the conservative views like other shows in the same genre.   Last week’s episode did contain a reference by the “rookie” cop that “case law has upheld limiting free speech when it poses a threat to the public.”  Don’t get me started on “case law”!  The idea that one bad decision that doesn’t adhere to the Constitution can be cited as precedent for all future bad decisions is one of the reasons we’re in the mess we’re in today.  One constitutional lawyer told me the one thing they DIDN’T read in his Constitutional law class was…the CONSTITUTION!

But I digress.  The preview for the upcoming October 22nd episode preview stated there would be an attempted “terrorist” attack on NY.  They went to great pains NOT to show the “terrorists” in the preview.  This can go one of two ways:  The episode will either have “domestic”, “tea party” like terrorists, which will be the liberal Hollywood PC method in order to further try to slander and undermine the Tea Party movement just a couple of weeks before the election; or it will go the more realistic route and show middle eastern terrorists thereby saying basically they are going for realism over ideology.  I’m praying for the latter.  If it’s the former, then I will be through with the show.

I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts as well.  Which way do you think it will go?


6 Responses to ““Blue Bloods” The Litmus Test is October 22nd, Will It Go P.C.?”

  1. Silentmoviefan Says:

    You all will have to let me know — I’ll be working. But considering this is the network with a CSI that showed the Tea Party movement as terrorists, I’m afraid I’m leaning in that direction for Blue Bloods as well. If it DOES turn out to be Islamic-fascist, then more power to them, but I wonder if they’ll be that bold.

    I’ll be eagerly waiting to hear what happens!

  2. I think they will go all PC and slam “right wing fanatics”/”anti-government nuts”/”Tea Partiers” (“Tea Baggers” according to our sneering media).

    They lack the courage to lay terrorism at the feet of real islamic terrorists. CAIR and their radical islamist loons are more scary to Hollywood than the Tea Party/christians/republicans. The former will slit hollywood writers/producers throats. The latter will only stop watching their stupid and lame propoganda.

  3. I wonder if they won’t somehow try to ride the fence and portray a home grown Islamic terrorist and show how he was “driven” to be that way by bigotry against him?

    What I fear will happen is that there will be an Islamic suspect, and the Danny character will zero in on him with blinders on, and the guy will end up being “innocent” and the real terrorist will be some white conservative. Killing two birds with one stone, sympathy for the islamists accused of terrorism, and disdain for those who assume they are guilty.

    Of course though, maybe they will surprise us and play it straight. I’m hoping anyway, because since The Unit went off the air, I’m running out of shows that don’t insult me!

  4. Allan Innes Says:

    Ha. The “terrorist” in this show was a white woman who, having converted to Islam, turned into an evil radical.

    There was brief injection of the notion that a terrorist can be of any race or creed, but this felt too much like a disclaimer rather than a presentation of fact.

    The worst aspect of all was the utter lack of exploration into the causes of terrorism, be it from McVeigh or an Islamic extremist. As far as violence is concerned, religion (any religion), as always, is a scapegoat, and not the underlying reason. The Crusades are an excellent example of this. Islam is no more inherently violent than Christianity. In fact, juxtaposed side-by-side, Christianity is maybe a little bit more bellicose.

    You want a cause for this horrible violence we are seeing? It’s all economic, folks.

    • For a proper perspective on the “crusades” I would suggest not relying on the public school filtered history which automatically elevates Islam by categorizing their violent conquests as “migration” and pick up a copy of “The Politically Incorrect Guide To Islam And The Crusades”. Well researched with sources referenced.

      I haven’t seen the episode yet, it’s DVR’d. I’ll write a new review when I see it. But it sounds like they decided to do what the movie “Unthinkable” did, use the radical Islam concept, but use a “safe” “white” villain instead of someone of middle eastern ancestry.

  5. So I’ve now seen the episode and was left a little flat from the whole episode. They seemed to want to go out of their way to say “anyone” can be a terrorist, which is what we already know, but in doing so actually made a point they probably didn’t intend to make. The unifying thread for the terrorists here was, even though they were American citizens and one a “white blond” woman, radical Islam.

    They did try to show that “profiling” doesn’t work, yet to completely discount it as effective is not truthful. While it is not 100% effective in tracking down the Islamic terrorist threats, they concentrated on a rare exception in trying to disprove the tactic as a whole.

    The formula that has worked in this show so far, showing respect to both sides of the argument, felt rather flat in this episode.

    In an attempt to appease we once again come away with the message, as in most Hollywood TV shows, that our threats are not foreign but domestic. And while true to an extent with Americanized Islamic terrorists, as a whole that is not the way it is.

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