“The Cape” Incredibly Bad..

I’m a sucker for a super-hero movie or tv show.  Even if it’s cheesy I’ll put up with it sometimes. (like the 80’s Captain America movie. Low budget, cheesy, but I still watched it a couple of times just to see a portrayal of ol’ Cap)

Things have been busy here lately, so it’s been quite some time since I’ve published a post.  But every once in a while something is so incredibly BAD you just have to make time to address it.

Now it’s been a few weeks since I saw the 2 hour torture..uh premier, so I’ll not be offering a lot of details here. (I’ve tried to forget most of it on purpose)

Where to begin? The first hour of the premier was so horribly directed and acted I couldn’t believe this thing even made it to the air.  The direction was at best, choppy; the acting either strained or over the top.

This was filled with liberal talking points:  Thieves stealing from the evil corporations are actually “heroes” (and the main hero even helps them steal, even though he was supposed to be this above reproach police officer), the villain once again, an evil exec from an evil corporation, they hammered home their message of ‘government controls things better than the private sector’ by painting the evil corporation as privatizing the police force, and there were more, I just think I’ve purposely forgotten them…

Even the idea of his ‘super power’ is ridiculous. A magic “cape”? Really? I thought “..well at least this thing won’t last long and will die a quick death.”  Then I read that critics were liking it and that it did ok in it’s time slot.  I know why the critics liked it, they are 98% liberal and loved the talking points so they ignored the bad acting, implausible story-lines and bad directing.

Anyway, let’s hope this one goes away soon.  Very soon.


4 Responses to ““The Cape” Incredibly Bad..”

  1. Too bad – It had Summer Glau in it so I was hopeful.

    I keep waiting for you to mention Chuck for having conservative Adam Baldwin and Zac L. What other show has such great lines as “The only thing I hate more than hippy, neo-liberal fascist anarchists are the hypocrite fat cat suits they eventually grow up to become.” John Casey, “Chuck,” Ep 3.09

  2. I loved Adam’s character on “Firefly”, but I’m new to “Chuck” I just watched disc one of the first season a couple weeks ago. I was late for that train so to speak.

  3. Dude The Cape isn’t that bad. It’s straight back in the day 60’s Batman and we all loved the Batusi so why not love this? I suffered through many seasons of the absolute worst Superman rendition Crapville – oops Smallville ever and yet it thrives. People who enjoy camp as I do will fall in love with this cornfest flaws and all. However the acting especially our heroes is bad. But the rest are a camp delight.

  4. The problem is , Carlita, it’s not INTENDED to BE camp. It’s just BAD.

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