The Chicago Code “Cabrini-Green”

I’ve been cautiously entertained so far by the new Fox show “Chicago Code”. I say ‘cautiously’ entertained for two reasons: One; while it does portray some un-PC villains, I know how soon all that can change in Hollywood “land”, and two; I know Fox is not shy in pulling the plug on a show before it’s given a decent chance at success.(Nathan Fillion’s “Drive” for instance)

The main villain is a corrupt African American politician who makes himself feel better about filling his own coffers by occasionally ‘spreading the wealth’ to his poorest constituents, thereby securing his election wins time after time. (Oh and he’s in bed with the mob as well) Just the fact that the villain is African American is a leap forward for the ever PC Hollywood, who in their attempt to portray African Americans in nothing but positive light, have all but disqualified said actors from winning very many Emmy or Academy Awards.  It’s the ‘bad guy’ roles that get the over the top attention and critical acclaim, and actors themselves love playing ‘bad guys’, but Hollywood has deemed for their own good, that’s just not in their best interest.  I can’t even watch CSI anymore because it’s so easy to pick out the villains. (“ let’s see, this week it’s the most white and most wealthy suspect….what do you know, right again!”)

This particular episode of “Chicago Code” focused on bombings that are happening across the city.  The culprits (spoilers ahead) end up being the son of, and former members of a radical hippie environmental anti-capitalist terror organization eerily similar to the Weather Underground!  Kudos to the writers for that choice!  Now in today’s PC, liberal run Hollywood world, THAT is an ‘edgy’ choice!  Not once was the tired overused cliche of the white neo-nazi used.  I do admit, I found it hard to enjoy the episode because I kept thinking, “..ok, when are they going to find out the the hippie terrorists are being ‘set up’ by the Tea Partiers..”, but it thankfully didn’t come.

Also unusual was a portrayal of their former leader using pretty much Bill Ayers resume as their character outline. Unlike Bill Ayers however, this villain supposedly left the group and came out saying he ‘regretted’ the bombings way back when.  Just when I was thinking they were going to use this Ayers type character as some sort of hero, I was pleasantly surprised with that outcome as well. (Here I’ll just have to say go watch the episode to find out what happens at the very end)

The only drawback to the episode I would say is the predictable dismissal of Muslim Terrorists being even suspects. Hollywood STILL can’t bring themselves to admit that Muslim terrorists might blow up people now and again. When going over the former members list trying to find suspects, one is mentioned to have moved to Britain and converted to Islam, to which the main detective says something about not caring about some guy listening to Cat Stevens records and says “give me something I can use.” Maybe I could give them the benefit of the doubt and surmise that he dismissed the suspect because he was now living across the ‘pond’. But seeing as I’m a glass half full (with a crack in it) kind of guy, I’m guessing it was just another subliminal reprogramming attempt to convince us that all Muslims are peace loving upstanding citizens.  I’m not saying there aren’t peace loving Muslim citizens, I’m just saying Hollywood wants us to think there are no Muslim terrorists at all.

So all in all a good episode.  I saw in the credits Shawn Ryan had something to do with this show, and if memory serves it seems he had something to do with another great show a few years ago, “The Unit”.  So for this series, I’m holing out hope that it continues it’s current course and also that Fox gives it a chance to succeed.

To watch this episode for free for a limited time on see below:


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