DVD Review “Funny People”

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After seeing and liking “Grown Ups” I decided to go back and see some of the Adam Sandler films I’d passed over in the past and give them a shot.  I’m usually a Sandler fan, but there have been a few of his films that for whatever reason I just had a gut feeling I should miss.  This one had all the signs of being a good film from just who was involved.  It was produced by Judd Apatow, the producer of one of my favorite all time tv shows “Freaks And Geeks”.  He also was behind “The 40 Year Old Virgin”.

I could probably sum the whole film up by saying “..people..yes it had them…funny it had not..”

There was not ONE single likable character in this whole film.  Not one.  Not a single character with any honor or scruples.  Plus, the dvd version is an ungodly LONG film.  At one point I think it’s almost over so I check the display to see how much time is left and it’s still got 55 minutes to go!  Hopefully Sandler didn’t pattern the main character to be anything remotely like his real life because if he did, he’s a guy I never want to meet!

There is no redemption of the main character.  What they try to portray as redemption comes up falling far too short in scope and length of screen time.  It’s relegated to the last 2 minutes of the film.

And the vulgarity is just over the top.  Only 5th grade boys laughing at the writing on the school’s bathroom walls would find this funny.  And I’m not someone who can’t laugh at a film with vulgarity either.  In the “40 Year Old Virgin” there was plenty of foul language and situations, but they were played well and were really funny.  As for politics, at least there wasn’t much of anything like that in this film.  There was a brief reference to him getting his experimental drug that he needed from Canada, but since they couldn’t possibly be saying Canada had a better system than the U.S., I’m assuming this was a slam against the over-regulation of drugs in the U.S. (after all, if someone is DYING, why aren’t they allowed to use a drug that’s not ‘approved’ by the FDA? They DIE either way!)

I expected more from Apatow and Sandler.  My original gut feeling to skip this one was definitely correct.  Lesson learned.  Listen to the gut.


The Expendables (..waiting with some concern..)

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It’s with caution that I sit and anticipate this film.  It looks great, but a few little “clues” in the trailers have me a bit worried.  For one, I saw one trailer where they are getting on a sea plane or something to that effect (it was a quick cut) that has some sort of ecological organizations logo on it. (are the bad guys ruining the environment?)  And the other thing, in the clip above, Eric Roberts character seems as though he’s going to be another cliched CIA bad guy or something, as he’s shown waterboarding the female lead. (is this so they can rub it in as to how evil we have been to use waterboarding?)

I don’t know Stallone’s politics, but I’ve heard over the years that he may be conservative in some political areas.  I hope so, and I hope my concerns with the flashes I’ve seen in the trailers are unfounded.  But until I find out for sure, I remain skeptical.

Captain America Movie Director “..It’s not about America”

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I do admit that I love superhero films.  But I’ve come to expect with just a few exceptions, once Hollywood grabs onto a character they will instill said character with their liberal beliefs.  The exceptions I believe would be Spiderman, Superman, Batman and for the most part Iron Man.

So when I read that Hollywood was producing a Captain America film I wasn’t exactly jumping for joy.  Even in the comic books, which have also been overrun with liberal story lines, Captain America recently was portrayed saying terrible things about protesters designed to look like Tea Party folks.  So when it came to a movie about Cap, I sat quietly and waited for the inevitable let down…and boy was I let down!

In comes director Joe Johnston, who’s biggest credit is Jurassic Park III. (seriously, this is the best they could find?) Johnston was quoted as saying Cap will not be a ‘Jingoistic flag waver” but will instead be “re-interpret[ed]” as a “good person” in the World War II-set film.  So I guess a ‘flag waver’ is not a ‘good person’?

He also goes on to state how the movie will go on to not just focus on America being great but the ‘world’ as it will have an international cast.

Some say that this is so Hollywood can sell a Captain America movie overseas where the middle eastern and also many of the Europeans hate us.  So let’s get this straight.  The way to make the people over there like us is to deliver movies that reinforce their bad opinions of America?  For instance, “Green Zone” and too many other anti- American movies like that to mention.  How on earth will they ever get any other perspective on America if ALL THEY SEE coming FROM America is how BAD America is?

Captain America, and certainly the Captain America of WWII times, was a patriotic flag waver.   He wanted to serve his country so badly that he submitted to a risky experimental formula to be able to do just that.

If the attitude and mood of this movie is not changed into something that Americans can be PROUD of, then this will be a big flop, and I will help get the word out to make it become a flop.

Thanks to Newsbusters and Big Hollywood for tipping me off to this story.

Rizzoli & Isles (Anti Military Propaganda)

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I gave this one a shot because I’m fond of Sasha Alexander from her days on NCIS. (before they jumped on the PC bandwagon due to complaints from Mark Harmon as to the “direction” of the show)

I wasn’t expecting a lot from it.  The preview made it look like some sort of modern Cagney & Lacey.  There was even a quick scene in the commercials of the two of them lying in bed together; so I was thinking this might be some sort of nod to the same sex movement by giving them a show they could rally behind.  But I watched anyway, because like I said, I liked Sasha from NCIS.

I was pleasantly surprised for the first half of the show.  It seemed rather gritty and I was relieved they weren’t “partners” in the modern sense of the word.  In fact, they were even sort of vying for the same man’s attentions. And there wasn’t anything political going on….yet..

But then came the “reveal” as to who the serial copy cat murderer was……..(SPOILER COMING..)

It was revealed to Rizzoli by the FBI agent on the show that the killer was none other than a former special forces soldier who served several tours in service to our country.  The M.O. of the killings matched “war crimes” they were investigating from Afghanistan.  This was not bad enough, in order to really drive home their point that the U.S. military is evil, the main character Rizzoli repeats the tired old liberal mantra “…we teach our best men to kill and are surprised when they do….”  So what are they supposed to teach them, gardening?

That’s the tactic of the progressives and liberals.  They are everywhere in the media.  They CONTROL the media and put their beliefs in the mouths of the “heroes” of tv and film, and they put the beliefs of those they oppose in the mouths of the “villians” of tv and film.

I didn’t watch a second more of the episode.  Didn’t care how it ended.

“Grown Ups” (Recommended)

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In predictable fashion, the critics ravaged this movie while the “real people” accepted it. Movie critics are for the most part the epitome of the “leftist elite”; looking down their nose at these types of films. (and by these types of films I mean the ones funny to the general public)

It’s too bad critics will enter this with a bias.  Because if you were to substitute the actors with the critics favorite actors, the critics would probably recommend this for the academy awards.  They would do so, because basically this is a relationship movie.  No big plot line here.  Just guys and their wives exploring their feelings over a weekend at a lake house.  Oh wait, I forgot, you’d have to make it NOT be funny AND make the lesson learned be that Conservatives, Christians and George W. Bush are what’s wrong in America today, then they’d it’d be nominated for an academy award.

I really loved this film.  I went to see it with a friend and I recommend you do so as well.  Go with a friend and the laughter will be contagious.  It has a good, dare I say, “family” message to it; but of course it is PG-13 so we’re not talking about a film for the entire family to SEE.  I’m simply saying it extols the virtues of the traditional family. They even have a scene where they are raising the flag on July 4th, and unlike most other Hollywood films, they aren’t talking crap about how terrible we are as a nation while they do it.

I have a feeling that Sandler’s politics, are conservative in fiscal policies, yet still liberal in other ways. (re: “I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry”, which was great for the first 30 minutes, and then the last hour was spent preaching the acceptance of homosexuality and painting those who opposed it as bigoted)

But whatever his politics, he mostly keeps them OUT of his movies which is one of the things I admire about him.  He knows, unlike most of Hollywood that, as a business, you can’t consistently slam half of your audience and expect them to keep coming back.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the film as well, so please comment if you feel so inclined!

Book Of Eli- Hollywood Gets “Cold Feet” In The End…

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If someone had told me the subject matter and story of this movie before it came out, and told me it would be a big budget film with Denzel Washington as the main character, I’d have thought they were crazy.  Not because it was a bad story at all, in fact, I think it’s a great story, but I would not expect Hollywood to do a story like this at all concerning their disdain for the book of focus here.

I’ll not give away any spoilers, although it’s pretty common knowledge by now as to what “book” he’s protecting in this post apocalyptic film.

The film is very satisfying for those of us with high regard for the “book”, and at the same time also love action films with clear good guys and bad guys.

But it was almost as if you could “feel” the writers or producers, or the director getting cold feet as the story goes on.  (or it just may have been me sitting uncomfortably waiting for the sucker punch) As if they were thinking the whole time, “..this is SO NOT POLITICALLY CORRECT, our Hollywood peers will tear us apart unless we do something!”

And so they did, and they waited until the very last frames of the film to insert a politically correct moral equivalency visual, thereby holding the sucker punch until the very last minute.  You are breathing a sigh of relief thinking, “..wow this was a film respectful of the “book” and it’s power..”, then the visual comes.  And the politically correct visual actually diminishes Denzel’s character’s entire mission, thereby making you wonder why it was even necessary.

To some it’s not enough to ruin the whole movie.  I enjoyed the movie and I encourage you to see it and make up your own mind.  I simply look fondly on the first 98% of the movie and try to erase the last 2% from my memory.

I’d be interested to hear your opinions on the ending of this film, and it’s affect on the story prior.

Some More Variety…

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I realized the other day that I’m doing this blog reporting on movies that I THINK I might WANT to see; it limits the scope and variety of the movies and tv shows I’m reviewing here.  For instance, probably not going to be watching anything like the movie “The Notebook”, or the tv show “Army Wives”.

So I’d like to invite any blog readers to alert me to any liberal propaganda you find in the movies and tv shows you’re watching and I will pass along the warnings to the other blog readers.  You can e-mail me @ knownote@yahoo.com.  Looking forward to hearing from you!